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The Virtual Event Support Team (VEST) Rangers are a virtual Regional Ranger Organization consisting of experienced Rangers that stood up in 2020 to support the eight 'Verses chartered when Burning Man could not hold its event in the Black Rock Desert

This organization is wholly independent from the Burning Man Organization and the Black Rock Rangers

VEST Rangers and Black Rock Rangers share institutional DNA, and we function as a 10 Principles Organization

Rangers are the Traditional Guardians

of the Shared Values of the Burner Community  

  • They are empowered by the community to address concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts if they cannot be resolved by the participants themselves 

  • Rangers are concerned with the safety of our community members; the continuity of people and the events we support 

  • Responding to the ever-changing environment, Rangers address situations within their community that might otherwise require outside intervention

  • Rangers use non-confrontational communication whenever possible to encourage cooperation and help create a safe environment

Vest Rangers support the Virtual Burning Man Events

Coming together to celebrate the Virtual Burn

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